About iX

iX Biopharma Ltd is a Singapore public-listed late-stage specialty pharmaceutical company with a keen focus on the development and commercialisation of innovative therapies that improve the quality of life for those suffering from pain and other health conditions.

Our Company operates a fully integrated business model, with its fully-licensed facilities in Melbourne, Australia. Our Company is able to undertake drug development and formulation, laboratory testing, manufacturing and the supply of its products to consumers.

Our Company has also developed a patented, fast-dissolving wafer formulation, WaferiX™; a multiple platform technology (matrix for drug carrier) that can deliver a vast number of drugs and other active ingredients approved by regulatory bodies. This administration allows faster delivery and reduction in loss of drugs due to hepatic and gastrointestinal metabolism, hence improving the bioavailability of the drugs.

Sublingual wafer administration offers the convenience of use over oral delivery, circumventing the drug breakdown in liver or gastrointestinal tract. The technology also provides rapid absorption, achieving maximum desirable therapeutic effect in a non-invasive manner, however avoiding potentially toxic spike in plasma concentration usually seen on painful intravenous administration.

Our Company’s initial pharmaceutical product development focus will be on analgesics and men's health; taking advantage of the rapid onset of action delivered by its proprietary sublingual technology.

We undertake and manage our own research and development, formulation and manufacturing in Australia. iX has seven subsidiaries in Australia, China, Hong Kong and Malaysia including iX Biopharma Australia, iX Syrinx, and Entity Health. Our facility in Melbourne, Australia is Therapeutic Goods Administration ("TGA") approved and current Good Manufacturing Practices ("cGMP") compliant.

Entity Health, our Company’s nutraceuticals division, is engaged in the development and commercialisation of the next generation of nutraceutical products, which are meticulously formulated to be condition specific and to deliver perceptible beneficial changes to one’s health. At the end of 2017, Entity Health unveiled and launched its own range of nutraceutical products on its online webstore and its nutraceutical products are now stocked in selected health food shops and pharmacies in Singapore and Australia.

iX has a dedicated team of skilled and trained professionals, including PhD specialists with vast experience in research and development, manufacturing and analysis.

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