Our History

Our Company was formed in Singapore in 2008, when we acquired intellectual property rights of a formulation for a fentanyl citrate nasal spray for patient-controlled analgesia.

Our Company's founder, Chairman and CEO, Mr Eddy Lee, then recruited a team of scientists with more than 100 years of expertise in drug development between them, to undertake research in the development of an innovative drug delivery system. This would enable the drugs to be delivered safely, with improved efficacy, ease of use and rate of absorption over existing drug delivery platforms and routes of administration.

Our CEO is a very experienced and highly regarded professional start-up specialist with an impressive track record (e.g., founding GM/CEO of start-ups including Burswood Resort Hotel, Star Cruises PLC and Amcom Telecommunications Ltd).

  • Our research resulted in the development of a drug delivery platform known as WaferiX™ , a wafer-based fast dissolving drug delivery platform, which delivers active pharmaceutical compounds sublingually by placing the wafer under the tongue.

  • iX Australia was established in Perth, Western Australia as a wholly-owned subsidiary of our Company to be the research and development arm of our Group primarily to conduct human clinical trials.

  • We commenced our first Phase 1 clinical study to investigate the pharmacokinetic profile and bioavailability of Wafernyl™.

2010 - 2015
  • Since 2010, we identified, formulated and developed two other products Wafermine™ and Wafesil™, and conducted successful clinical studies for our products. See our products in development here.

  • In May 2014, iX completed the acquisitions of iX Syrinx and Chemical Analysis in Australia, adding manufacturing and chemical and analytical testing capabilities to our group.

  • We completed the pre-clinical development of BnoX™, a sublingual buprenorphine wafer, and WafeRest™, a sublingual melatonin wafer.

  • In September 2016, we completed a pivotal study confirming the bioequivalence and good oral tolerability of Wafesil™, a sublingual sildenafil wafer.

  • We filed our respective applications with the Therapeutic Goods Administration of Australia for the registration of Wafesil™ and Silcap™.

  • We successfully completed our Phase 1 clinical study on BnoX™. Following the study, we commenced manufacturing and supplying BnoX™ to Australian hospitals and pharmacies under the Schedule 5A exemption of the Therapeutic Goods Regulations.

  • Sale of the Entity line of nutraceutical products commenced on Entity’s webstore in December 2017.

  • Wafesil™ and Silcap™ are approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration of Australia, and both are for the treatment of male erectile dysfunction. Read more about  Wafesil™ and Silcap™

  • To date, iX has been granted patents for its WaferiX™ products in many key markets, including Australia, China, Japan, South Korea, European Union (Germany, France, United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Turkey, Switzerland, Sweden, Poland, Belgium, Austria, Norway, Denmark, Ireland and Finland), Canada, South Africa, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.

  • In February 2019, iX entered into a share sale agreement with Eurofins Australia New Zealand Holding Pty Ltd in relation to the sale and purchase of iX’s subsidiary, Chemical Analysis Pty Ltd.

  • In March 2019, the sale of Chemical Analysis Pty Ltd was completed successfully.

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