An innovative multi-drug platform

WaferiX is a platform drug carrier technology that can deliver a wide number of small molecule actives for the treatment of various indications. WaferiX is used to formulate the world’s first sublingual ketamine oral wafer, Wafermine. We have also used WaferiX in our pharmaceutical products, to deliver active compounds like sildenafil citrate (Wafesil) and buprenorphine (BnoX). In our nutraceuticals range, we have applied WaferiX to deliver melatonin and glutathione.

Specifically designed for sublingual absorption

There is increasing recognition of sublingual delivery as an optimal method of administration.

​Actives that have low oral bioavailability may be able to increase bioavailability through effective sublingual administration. When compared to intravenous injection, which is invasive, expensive and must be performed in a clinic/hospital setting, sublingual delivery is non-invasive, convenient and inexpensive. There is a potential for decreased or gentler side effect profile with sublingual delivery.

There are now orally dissolving tablets (ODTs) and films (ODFs) being marketed for sublingual delivery. Unlike WaferiX wafers, these are oral products, which, although dissolve quickly in contact with saliva, are not made to be absorbed by the fine capillaries under the tongue.

Compare WaferiX with other sublingual products.

The best technology to repurpose drugs for new indications

WaferiX is easily adaptable to a vast number of FDA approved drugs that require a faster delivery or reduction in the loss of drugs due to hepatic and gastrointestinal metabolism. The rapid and superior absorption provides higher bioavailability and a potential to lower the administered dose and reduce the concurrent side effects. These benefits allow for the application of WaferiX in conditions where instantaneous therapeutic effect is desired, like acute or breakthrough pain as well as male erectile dysfunction.

Protected by a robust IP strategy

Our products and methods are patented in all key markets across 5 continents. The patents provided for are composition and method for use. Our wafers are protected from counterfeits. They are produced by a proprietary manufacturing process covering pre-loading, freeze-drying and packaging using customised and specialised equipment.